Cassia Powder

Ever wanted to have healthy hair with a golden tint?

Cassia (Obovata) is a plant that has a pale golden or slightly yellowish shade, also known as "neutral henna" or "senna obovata," and has the same nourishing properties as henna. Cassia Obovata can be applied to natural hair, bleached and dyed hair and lasts from a few washes to permanent coloring. It cares dark hair and refreshes blond hair.

If you have bleached hair and you do not want a golden shimmer in your hair, I advise against using it!


As a natural hair condition it strengthens and regenerates the hair structure.

Cassia works best if your hair is dry, heavily strained, bleached or highlighted - or as a pre-treatment before you dye with herbal hair colors. It builds up your structure with every application and ensures that your hair absorbs the herbal hair colors evenly.


Feel the power of 

Ayurvedic natural cosmetics

Cassia Powder

(Cassia Obovata)

gives your hair golden glow, strengthens and regenerates the hair structure

It cares for dark hair and refreshes blond hair.

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How much powder will you need:

  • Very short hair (5 to 10 cm in length) = 75g - 100g powder
  • Shoulder-length hair (20 to 25cm in length) = 125g - 150g powder
  • Hair length up to the middle of your back (45cm in length) = 175g - 200g powder
  • Hair length up to lower back (60 to 70cm in length) = 250g to 275g
  • Hair length up to your hips, butt = 300g to 325g powder
  • For Hairline treatment  you only need about 100g


  • Cassia Powder
  • a Glass Bowl
  • Water
  • Argan oil
  • plastic wrap
  • Gloves
  • Hair conditioner

Mix the powder into a glass bowl.

Add enough warm water to create a thick paste. Allow the Paste to rest covered and undisturbed for 30 min -1 hour. After the rest add about 1-2 tsp of your favorite conditioner. Add about 2-3 tbsp of Argan oil. Mix everything really well. Should you need more liquid then do add more and if it's too runny then you can add more powder to thicken it.



Wear your gloves. Apply the Paste on your towel-dry hair. (IMPORTANT) cover your hair with plastic wrap or shower cap to prevent the paste from drying on your Hair. Dried paste is very difficult to wash out of your Hair. Allow it to stay in your hair for 1-3 hours.

Wash out with your favorite conditioner, but don't use shampoo!

Attention: Every hair is different - just as we are all different. Therefore, the results by natural hair colors may be different. Preferably, you test the natural hair color only on an inconspicuous wisp of hair.